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Curriculum content and delivery
School facilities (field, gym, auditorium, playground, lab etc)
Professionalism of staff and teachers
Teacher to student ratio
Hygiene standards
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Our children just love their school! They are truly enquiry-driven students who look forward to their pathway of becoming global citizens.
From the moment we stepped into the spacious and sustainable campus, applying for our daughter to join the kindergarten program six years ago, we felt that HKA offers a safe environment with teachers that nurture a love for learning and who care for the happiness of each child. Since our son joined HKA he has been enjoying sports activities while developing his interest in reading different kinds of books from the extensive school library. We like the school focusing on the individual learning progress, nurturing not only our children’s academic skills but also their social interactions. The way we parents have been taught feels quite different and it takes courage to accept the 21st century learning approach that our children can only benefit from, helping them becoming global, responsible citizens. HKA provides a dynamic learning environment not just for students but for parents as well. I had the opportunity to join Mandarin/Cantonese courses, going on a trip to Beijing with my children, HKA families and Mandarin teachers. I’ve learnt from IT and maths workshops as well as book club sessions, hosted by primary and secondary school counsellors. I’m looking forward to my Mindful Wing Chun class every weekend and the upcoming ceramic design project. Perhaps, I’ll even join the community choir that performed in NYC at Carnegie Hall last year...

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Facilities (e.g. sports ground, auditorium, cafeteria, labs etc.)
Classroom equipment
After school activities
Parent Teacher Association
School cafeteria food and beverage
School counselling service for students
Social space for students
School Bus
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