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【Interview with Mr. Kurt, Principal of Rosebud Primary School - High Quality, Happy Education, Happy Child, Happy Future】

Located in Tsuen Wan, Rosebud Primary School is the only international primary school in the district, offering an educational program for children aged 6 to 12. Rosebud Primary School is focused not just on academic results, but aims to develop core values in each of its students through a well-balanced curriculum filled with different types of extra-curricular activities. “At Rosebud, we encourage our students to cultivate lifelong learning and to strive for excellence in all aspects of their development” says Mr. Kurt, Principal of Rosebud Primary School. He believes that learning is not just about getting good grades in exams, but more importantly, about students developing into independent learners who can acquire a strong knowledge base and think critically.

Established in Hong Kong over 15 years ago, Rosebud Primary School is often seen as a culturally diverse institution. The alumni of the school are now attending different universities all over the world, including in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and European countries. “Rosebud is different from other schools. We are devoted to educating our students to be respectful to themselves and to others” Kurt explains. The school does not have a religious background. “No religion lesson is conducted at the school, but everyone here at Rosebud respects all religions, beliefs and cultures. We often take time to celebrate different cultures together.” Kurt believes that these are great opportunities for students to explore various cultures and customs.

In order to provide students with the best possible learning experience and equip them with the skills necessary for their future learning, Rosebud follows international and local curriculums to offer students a comprehensive and supportive learning environment. Its major focus is on creativity, problem-solving and collaboration skills. “The Rosebud curriculum integrates the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and also the Hong Kong curriculum to offer our students a high quality education to achieve their learning goals” Kurt says. “Our school is now in the process of integrating the Cambridge Primary curriculum into our current teaching model. We are a candidate of Cambridge International Primary School. Starting from the new academic year, Rosebud will officially be offering the Cambridge curriculum. We are all very excited about this!”

In terms of the student-teacher ratio, Kurt points out that the average class size at Rosebud is relatively small compared to other schools, with no more than 20 students per class. This is to ensure that every student is guaranteed personalized attention to follow his or her own learning styles. Using English as a medium of instruction for core subjects, Rosebud is also flexible in catering to other languages - from Chinese, Spanish, French and more - to address the needs of students of different nationalities.

Because of the multi-national composition of the students, Rosebud provides an international environment for students to experience and learn about different cultures. “We highly value the diverse cultural values and interests of our students,” says Kurt. “That is why our school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities.” The purpose of these extra-curricular activities is not only to release academic stress in students, but also to provide them with opportunities to work on projects that they cannot do in regular classes. Rosebud currently offers 23 various types of after-school activities, including coding, speech, dance, drama, martial arts, yoga, cooking and many more.

“To make sure that learning extends outside the classroom, we always encourage students to take part in activities based on their interest. Our after-school activities are not compulsory, but we’re very proud to see that 95 percent of our students are active in the school’s activity clubs” says Kurt. He specifically mentions the school’s robotics team. “It’s great to see our students achieving good results in international competitions. It gives them a sense of accomplishment to build confidence and self-esteem.” Rosebud’s robotics team won three silver medals and one bronze medal in mathematical challenge competitions in Bangkok last year.

If parents are interested in enrolling their children in Rosebud Primary School, the admissions process is straightforward and transparent. Parents can download the application form or simply submit the application online via the school website. Once an application is received, there will be an oral interview and an English-level test, followed by a written test.

“We focus on the personal and social development in every child. Our student-centered and project-based learning curriculum ensures that every student’s need is addressed” says Kurt. At Rosebud, learning activities involve both cooperative and individual projects so that students learn to collaborate with others while acquiring knowledge in class.


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