FREE TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW! British Boarding Schools Show Hong Kong (23 Mar 2023)

This year the British Boarding Schools Show is taking place at Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong in just under two weeks' time on Thursday 23rd March.​

There is no better way for parents located outside the UK to explore the life-changing educational opportunities available at British schools in a single day and in a single place. Parents have a fantastic chance to meet and build relations with a selection of the most prestigious British boarding schools without travelling thousands of miles and to ensure all questions are answered.​

Make those key introductions and speak one-on-one with the admissions directors and heads of top British boarding schools, as well as some of the leading educational experts from the UK. ​

Hear from the experts:
Join us for free seminars, build relationships with schools and discover the right school for your child.​
10:30-11:15 'When, How & Why Apply...(Its never too late!)'​
Chair: William Petty, Director Bonas MacFarlane Education ​


School Contact Details:
Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong

Campus Address: 17 Tin Wan Street, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2129 7100