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UK Education Adviser (Branch of Coopers & Coopers)


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Level of knowledge and guidance provided
Professionalism of consultants/counsellors
Prep and tutorial services provided
Satisfaction of placement results
Value of money
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Mr & Mrs Li
Coopers and Coopers is an exceptionally helpful and professional one that I ever met before. In fact, we have approached more than two similarities beforehand (one of them was rather famous one in this sector ) but it made us so disappointed until we were introduced Coopers & Coopers by our friend .Indeed, it's really a reliable, enthusiasic and professional one that offered great help to both our sons(Kevin and Edward).They accurately assessed and wisely sorted out the appropriate schools for our choosing.Definitely, we thank whole-heartedly and appreciate so much for what they did for us.Thus,we had sincerely introduced Coopers to many our friends and will certainly continue to recommend strongly to whom who are finding an agent in this regard. (Special thanks to Ms April Mui & Hellen)

Services Used

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Meeting rooms and centre facilities
Counsellor guidance availability
Testing venue
Counsellor relationships with schools
Parent Workshops
Prep and course materials
Classrooms/learning areas
Tech equipment provided
School presentations
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