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UK Education Adviser (Branch of Coopers & Coopers)


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Level of knowledge and guidance provided
Professionalism of consultants/counsellors
Prep and tutorial services provided
Satisfaction of placement results
Value of money
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Mrs. Ng
We were grateful for the service of Coopers & Coopers who had carried out the initial interview with our children and took us through to find the correct schools for both of my children entering Form 4 and now progressed to study in their first year of University. They had been professional, helpful and listening and understanding in handling our case. Our children were not exceptionally brilliant, however, have now gained more confidence to find their direction in life. We truly grateful for their help and work and have no hesitation in recommending to anyone.

Services Used

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Meeting rooms and centre facilities
Prep and course materials
Counsellor guidance availability
Testing venue
Counsellor relationships with schools
Classrooms/learning areas
Tech equipment provided
Parent Workshops
School presentations
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