"We teach with heart and with skill."──Kids' Gallery, winner of the Whizpa Parents' Popular Picks Award For Best Arts & Crafts Centre

The Mission
Our mission has always been clear – to spread the power of creativity as well as to create and deliver educational opportunities that nurture creative, curious, and confident learners and empower them to achieve fulfilment throughout life.

The Curriculum
We teach across the core arts disciplines of Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Communication Arts, and offer a range of courses, workshops, events, productions – and numerous other opportunities to learn and shine. Courses at Kids’ Gallery are available for children aged 1-12 years old.

All courses, while maintaining technical rigour in teaching the arts, also prepare children for future learning and development through enhanced critical thinking, problem solving, and the ability to innovate as an individual.

Most Popular Courses
Over the years, different courses have proven more and less popular with parents. In the beginning most children took Visual Arts classes, but Communication Arts and Performing Arts have gained in popularity - perhaps because they often include accompanying shows and event opportunities. At the moment, Musical Theatre and Speech & Communication courses are the most in demand, although summer brings many requests for children to enjoy painting and crafts more.

We’ve won many awards over the years. Our founder Joanna Hotung has been awarded SCMP Woman of Our Time, AmCham Entrepreneur of the Year, and Marie-Claire magazine Most Influential Woman, among others. Kids’ Gallery has also won the HSBC Sustainability Award and, most recently, four awards in the Expat Living Readers’ Choice Awards 2021 for Best Kids’ Arts Programme, Best Kids’ Enrichment Programme, Best Kids’ Holiday Camp, and Best Kids’ Language Programme.

Successful Student Case Study
One of our students, Maya, started at a very young age in our Kids’ Gallery classes. Her mum told us she was very shy and could barely greet new people. However, through her emerging love of performing, she started to be able to perform in class in front of her peers and other parents. It wasn’t long before she appeared on stage at the HK Academy for Performing Arts in one of our large-scale productions. There is now no stopping her in her increased confidence to try new things and communicate socially with others!

Point of Difference
Since 1996, Kids’ Gallery has been a pioneer in creative arts education for children. Our 25-year longevity is due to the academic rigour we attach to our programmes and curriculum, and the genuine passion our professional teachers bring to their roles. We teach with heart and with skill, and offer child-centred, enquiry-based learning.

The most important feature for a learning centre is that it should teach 21st century skills. With our rapidly changing world, creativity, flexibility, and resilience are core traits to develop in children. Our belief is that developing creativity lies at the heart of this.

Headquarters: 28 Cumberland Road, Kowloon Tong
Email: hello@kggeducation.edu.hk
WhatsApp: +852 9682 5082

"It's such a joy to see how much Maya continues to enjoy her musical theatre classes at Kids' Gallery. With every production, we are treated to delightful new tunes and creative dance routines which challenge and inspire Maya to practise over and over again!" - Maya's mum

"Karson has been with Kids’ Gallery for a long time, and he has learned to communicate in English perfectly in different situations. He is also very excited about his classes every week. I’m really impressed." - Karson's mum

"Naomi has been with Kids’ Gallery since Playgroup. We find the courses at Kids’ Gallery very interactive and engaging. The teachers have always encouraged Naomi, and she’s now very confident to express her ideas at home and in school.” - Naomi's mum

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