“We introduce our students to a world of theatre and creativity.” ──Faust International, winner of the Whizpa Parents' Popular Picks Award For Best Performing Arts Centre

The Mission
Faust was formed in 1999 to bring the wonderful world of theatre, performing arts and creativity to the young people of Hong Kong. As we strive to work together and perform together, we operate from the following fundamental values:

Creativity and Expression: Igniting the imagination and encouraging a flow of ideas and expressions from our students in a positive and constructive way.

Develop the Individual: Valuing each student as an individual, giving the child space in our workshops to have fun, to learn and to grow at a pace that challenges them.

Teamwork and Leadership: Promoting interaction with peers with respect, support and trust, giving all an opportunity to take their group forward with their ideas and knowledge.

Confidence Building: Bringing forth a student’s natural abilities, developing their confidence and helping them handle themselves with grace and ease.

Enjoyment of Learning: Approaching theatre knowledge and creative skills with focus, fun and laughter.

Quality: Surpassing expectations and producing work that our students and leaders are proud of.

Empathy: Viewing the world from another persons' perspective without judgement and building our members’ emotional intelligence through the use of imagination.

Faust Learning Outcomes: Imparting knowledge, skills and values specific to the practice and theory of drama, giving students the tools needed for further study and practice in the field.

Faust introduces our students to a world of theatre and creativity, guiding them in developing their performance skills, theatre knowledge, teamwork, individual expression and confidence. Faust enriches the creative world of our students and imparts on them a colourful and positive approach to learning.

The Curriculum
At Faust, we offer a variety of performance and creative-based programmes. During the school term, we offer our after-school/Saturday Term-Time Drama Programme for children aged 3 to 18. We also offer Term-Time Creative Writing workshops for ages 6 to 13.

During the school holidays, we provide week-long programmes in Holiday Theatre, Creative Writing and Musical Theatre. These programmes are available for ages 3 to 15.

Most Popular Courses
Our most popular programme during the school term is our Term-Time Drama Programme for children aged 3 to 18 (with groups divided according to age). During the holidays, our most highly sought-after programmes include Holiday Theatre (ages 3 to 15), Creative Writing (ages 6 to 13) and Musical Theatre (ages 8 to 15).

Apart from the Whizpa 2021 Parents’ Popular Picks Award, we are very proud to have received the following awards:

  • Hong Kong Living’s HK Education Awards 2021 – Best School – Arts
  • Expat Living Hong Kong’s Readers’ Choice Awards 2021
    • Best Kids’ Enrichment Programme
    • Best Kids’ Holiday Camp

Successful Student Case Studies
We are very proud to share about experiences from our Faust alumni. Please refer to https://faustworld.com/alumni.asp for our case studies!

Point of Difference
With qualified, experienced leaders and unrivalled resources, Faust offers the absolute best in drama and theatrical education.

Address: 5/F, Nan Dao Commercial Building, 359 & 361 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan
Email: Info@FaustWorld.com
Telephone: 2547 9114

“Let me take this opportunity to thank all the Faust team for the incredible journey you have provided for my children.” – Faust Parent, 2021

“Both my son and daughter have got so much out of your programme and it’s been wonderful to see them grow in confidence.” – Faust Parent, 2019

“It is the one activity they constantly asked to do. They love the opportunities to be on stage and it has given them both a big boost in confidence.” – Faust Parent, 2017

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