Magical Math Carnival (March 25)

Whizpa is the co-sponsor of “Magical Math Carnival”, a charity event hosted by Bring Me A Book.

Come join us on March 25 (Sunday)! David Schwartz*, an award-winning author & ‘mathematical magician’, will be at the event to share his love of math, science and books. Children will be inspired by David's speech to understand how to think big and how numbers enrich our every life. In addition to David's presentation, there will be lots of games, magic tricks and prizes for family to have great fun at the event.

You will also get a WHIZPA GOODIE BAG too!

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*David is an author who have written over 50 children's books with math or science themes. He is also a speaker at various schools and education conferences. He is famous for his unique way of linking literature with mathematical inquiry and tying both to science.


Magical Math Carnival with David Schwartz

Date: March 25, 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 15:30 - 18:30
Age: Suitable for 5 years+
Venue: The Vista Ballroom, The American Club, Country Club, 28 Tai Tam Road
Ticket: $200 per child (Free for caregiver and parent(s) & kids 0-2 ys)

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