Webinar Series - The Secret of Becoming Resilient (28 Oct 2020)

Why are some people more tough than others? What are the secret behind those who are resilient?
Listen to the conversation between an experienced psychologist and a teenager about how to build inner strength to overcome adversity in life.

Webinar Series - The Secret of Becoming Resilient

Date: 28 October 2020 (Wednesday)
Time: 5:00 - 6:00PM
Venue: Online
Fee: free


About the speakers:

John Shanahan, Psychologist and Director of Central Health Partners Child Development

John is an experienced psychologist who specialises in children and adolescents.  He is currently the Director of Central Health Partners Child Development Team, a comprehensive interdisciplinary clinical team that supports families in Hong Kong.  John is also a Director of the Positive Group (Asia), delivering corporate and school-based training to boost psychological well-being and performance.  John is one of the Hon. Past Presidents of the Psychotherapy Society of Hong Kong and the Psychologist on the Safety Committee of Outward Bound Hong Kong.   

Jasimran Dhaliwal, Kids4Kids Advocates Leadership Team member

Jas is a 17-year-old secondary student in her final year. She joined Kids4Kids a few years ago, and founded the project ‘Save The World’, an Action for a Cause community project supported by Kids4Kids. With her friends, she started rooftop farming in her school to grow fruits and vegetables to be used at school and donated to local charities. She plays for the Hong Kong Football Club Ice team and her dream is to be a marine biologist.