Learning Through Play: Fun, Educational & Curated Toy Box

Where do we store our toys? What do I do with them after my child’s grown out of them? Are these questions you ask and not have an answer for? Like many of us, we want the best for our children, yet we want to be smart with our purchases and not create so much wastage. Most of the toys on the market are made from plastics, and over 90% of them cannot be recycled and goes straight to landfill! By sharing toys and extending its lifespan, it’s a great and FUN way to teach our little ones how to live sustainably from a young age! Happy Baton is HK’s first online toy rental subscription service, that offers educational, high-quality toys for our children to pass the baton, and pass on the fun!

Toy Libraries have been around for decades like book libraries, but this has not evolved in HK even with our modern technologies. Natalie Chow and Jade Poon, both mothers with young children, co-founded Happy Baton to deliver great toys and great content to help our precious ones grow. For the busy mum, you'll be glad to know that their customised monthly toy boxes are delivered right to your doorstep! Parents simply complete a questionnaire at checkout, for our team of toy experts to select a box for their needs. Happy Baton partners with specialists who works closely with young children, including certified speech pathologists, ABA therapists and musical & arts educators.

Our toys are safe, educational and are of excellent quality. We carry a wide range of open-ended toys that are inspired by Montessori and Wardolf educational approaches, to encourage child-led play, imagination, independence, and problem solving. It’s sanitized every time with baby-friendly disinfectants and a hospital grade dry-steam cleaner – the steam is heated up to 174°C that effectively kills all germs and bacteria.

As a parent with a SEN child, Natalie has experienced first-hand the benefits of “quality play”. Sitting through a wide range of therapies such as speech, occupational and ABA therapies, she noticed when quality toys paired with intentional play, it can reap surprising developmental growth and benefits. This includes increased social and emotional skills, fine motor skills, improved relational bonding and much more. This is why our toy boxes are also paired with a developmental tracker, that is based on four key developmental pillars, which is also used widely in many school curriculum and health departments. This includes Cognitive, Language, Social & Emotional and Physical.

Besides toys, Happy Baton also regularly sends parents a lot of useful tips and resources so they learn to play effectively, support their children’s wellbeing and development and be their children’s best teacher at home.

About Happy Baton

Happy Baton is HK’s first online toy rental subscription service, that offers personalized educational, high-quality toys for your child’s needs. We deliver monthly toy boxes to your doorstep together with regular online resources for parents. Let’s encourage a sustainable lifestyle with our children to pass the baton, and pass on the fun!

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