Back to School : Things to do when your kids are at school

Moms have been busy having fun with your kids throughout the summer. But as new term is starting next week, there might be a chance moms get bored without your little companies. So what can mothers do when your little ones are away for school? When children are at school, mothers can arrange different activities for themselves. Certain amount of work load and relaxation activities can help to mothers' physical and mental health.

1. Freelance / Work-from-Home
Many mothers gave up their career for their children. Sometimes it might be hard for them to go through this routine change. Freelance or a work-from-home job could definitely help. Firstly, freelance jobs could be a financial support for the family. Secondly, mother won’t feel totally detached from the society. And since nowadays social media has created so many platforms for people who would love to share their opinions and daily happenings, there are lots of mothers who have now become influencers in town by sharing parenting tips.


2. Start an online business
Since there is Internet, starting a business has been much easier than before. Some mothers have discovered the business opportunities of online shopping . Many high quality kids products are from oversea, hence some parents start their business as individual buying agent.


3. Social activities with other moms
It’s always a good idea to get to know other mothers from your kids’ school. Organising some sorts of mom gathering is a nice occcasion for these groups of mother to exchange parenting information. Talking to each other also would relax moms from high pressure. We all know being a mother is one of the hardest task in the world!


4. Attending Courses
Mothers tend to focus their minds on the family every day, and it is inevitable that they are easily out of touch with society. When they want to go back to the workplace, they might have difficulty to adapt. The government has introduced the Continuing Education Fund in recent years. There are a lot of courses to choose from including language, computer, accounting, etc. Even full-time mothers can learn to enrich themselves.

5. Leisure Courses
There are many leisure classes for adults, such as yoga and Muay Thai. Mother usually get exhausted taking care of the family. By doing some exercise such as aerobic, pilates or yoga, heart and lung function can be improved.