“We believe in the power of play.” ──My Gym, winner of the Whizpa Parents' Popular Picks Award For Best Sports Centre

The Mission
My Gym was originally founded in California in 1983, born out of a passion to teach children in a fun and physically engaging environment. Our award-winning program has consistently been ranked the No.1 children’s program worldwide. Combining sports, dancing, early childhood development, kinesiology and gymnastics, My Gym aims to nurture children of all abilities by building their confidence through meaningful play. Today, My Gym has over 600+ locations in more than 30 countrieswith My Gym Hong Kong operating for 17+ years

The Curriculum
Delivering a curriculum created by My Gym U.S., highly-trained and nurturing teachers design and teach structured lessons in a safe and child-friendly play-gym environment, providing little ones, from 6 months to 6 years old, with the opportunity to grow at their own pace and gain in physical and emotional confidence. Regular interaction with other children and adults also promotes flexibility and adaptability, preparing them well as they begin their pre-school journey.

Most Popular Courses
All of our classes are popular as we only provide one specific course which is a gymnastics based class. Different age groups go to different classes. We teach classes through songs, dances and various gymnastics skills.

-Our director, Joseph Chiu, won “Director of the Year 2019” for all 600+ franchises.
-Top 100 playgroups from Baby Bible distributed by Sky Post
-Continuously awarded franchise “Excellence Award” from My Gym Main headquarters
-#1 Children’s Fitness Industry Global Franchise as ranked by Entrepreneur Franchise 500

Successful Student Case Studies
We have had many kids who were not able to walk or physically as active as kids within their own age category when they first joined. After just a few weeks we saw many kids not only walk, but running and tumbling.

Point of Difference
We believe in the power of play. In a city that’s focused on academics, we believe play should not be an afterthought. We believe play is essential in developing a child’s confidence, intelligence, imagination, etc. Every child deserves a space where they can explore their full potential at a young age and have a ton of fun doing it! We are one of the very first centers that recognized the importance of play and hence one of the very first centers that offer a program catering specifically to let our children explore and exercise in Hong Kong with 17 years + experience since 2003.

In 2008, I enrolled my first son, Matthew, to My Gym when he was about 18 months old. He loved the environment, teachers and the activities there.  He stayed there until he was six. Seven years later, I still chose My Gym for my second son, Michael. Not only the environment in My Gym is safe and clean, but also the setting is changed every week so the kids will find the place interesting every time they visit. Teachers are nice and professional. My boys built up their self-confidence and physical skills through playing and exercises. They enjoyed their classes very much and were eager to go to My Gym every week. I surely recommend My Gym to other parents with young kids.

Address: Hecny Tower, 1st Floor, 9 Chatham Road South, TST, Kowloon (Exit P3, about 1-min walk)
Email: info@mygymhk.com
Telephone: 2334 8334 / 2312 2044 / 2312 2055

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