Hong Kong-Shanghai-Taipei Children’s Singing Contest 2018

From 2013, Hong Kong Treble Choir has been working with Shanghai Choral Arts Centre & Taipei Young Singers to organize the "Hong Kong-Shanghai-Taipei Children’s Singing Contest". The competition aims to promote exchanges between the three places and broaden children's musical vision. Participatants will gain valuable stage experience to boost their self-confidence and recognize their musical talent.

This year, the Hong Kong-Shanghai-Taipei Children’s Singing Contest 2018 will take place on 1 January at Hong Kong City Hall. Children aged 10 or under are welcome to join!

Hong Kong-Shanghai-Taipei Children’s Singing Contest 2018

  • Preliminary (HK): 8 December 2018 @ HK Treble Choir
  • Final: 1 January 2019 @ Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall

Eligibility Requirements: Children aged 10 or under are welcome
Competition Events: Cantonese Solo, Mandarin Solo, Foreign Language Solo, Parent-child chorus (No language restrictions; 2-8 people per team)
Fees: HKD 250 per event
Enrollment: Please fill in this form together with the fees and repertoire to Hong Kong Treble Choir office

The application is now open until November 24. Click here for more details.

Specially for the singing contest, Hong Kong Treble Choir runs a solo singing training course.

For more details, please call 2311 0811 or email to info@treblechoir.org.