Chinese Summer Camps - From $350 Per Class

Hiro Education Summer Courses now open for registration! Classes are prepared by the professional team, designed for students in Hong Kong. Each course involves various topics. With the use of storytelling, conversations, singing, arts and crafts, the class aims to enhance the interest and effect of children's learning. All Summer Courses are held from July to August, for students aged 3-12.

Kindergarten Summer Programs

Class topics include: GAPSK Examination, Primary Preparation, Primary 1 Interview, Pinyin, Word Recognition & Writing Exploration, Storytelling, Playgroup.
Ages: 3-6 years old
Fee: $350 per class
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Primary School Summer Programs

Class topics include: Pinyin Enhancement, Fundamental Knowledge / Comprehension, Reading and Writing, Creative Thinking & National Studies.
Ages: 6-12 years old
Fee: $400 per class
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Kindergarten / Primary Speech Summer Programs

On the basis of the understanding of the speech materials, the teaching content includes systematically training students in the fields of pronunciation, voice recognition, breath practice, imitation, and physical training. To enhance the self-confidence of participants and increase the chances of winning.
Ages: 3-6 (Kindergarten) / 6-12 (Primary) years old
Fee: $450 (Kindergarten) / $500 (Primary) per class
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International School Summer Programs

In view of the fact that international school students do not like to learn Chinese and it is difficult for them to read and write, we have developed a unique set of literary characters that are suitable for international school students. In a short time, children can read themselves, love to read and write on the basis of understanding.
Ages: 3-12 years old
Fee: $400 per class
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All courses are taken place at Hiro Education center (address: 402B1, 4/F, Jubilee Sqaure, Fo Tan, New Territories).

For more information about the camps, please visit Whizpa E-Shop or contact Hiro Education at 3156 1154 or email to