ARCH INSPIRE Summer Program 2019

Our 8-day residential summer camp provides Hong Kong students aged 8-11 exposure to boarding school teaching and culture in the convenience of their home city. INSPIRE 2019 “Reach for the Stars” celebrates space, exploration, and invention.

Our multi-disciplinary curriculum engages students in a celestial study, not only through the lens of a telescope but through the eyes of historians, explorers, and authors. Students will learn how past civilizations viewed the skies and how Copernicus triggered a revolution with his claim that the Earth was not the center of the Universe. Students will explore the difference between fact and fiction as they read the genre and then author their own a sci-fi story. Technology has been vital to the exploration of exploration. Therefore, programming our Arduinos, students will explore space just like real astronauts. 5-4-3-2-1 Blast Off to INSPIRE 2019!

Taught by educators from elite top boarding schools in the US and UK with the elements of STEM, History, English and Literature, combined with sports training by world-class golf and tennis coaches, INSPIRE will be an unforgettable experience for students. Contact us now and learn more about this exciting and educational adventure!

ARCH INSPIRE Summer Program 2019
Date: 1-8 August 2019
Venue: Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy
Suitable For: Students aged 8-11
Fee: HK$49,000
Sign Up: Application Form

For more information about the summer program, please visit here or call at 3568 0406 / email