ActiveKids Winter Camps 2018

ActiveKids Winter Camps 2018 is now open for registration! The camps are happening from 17 December to 5 January. A wide range of subjects, including science, robotics, chess, arts, cooking and fashion, welcome all children ages 3-17 to join! EXCLUSIVE 10% OFF on Whizpa E-Shop! 

Science Adventures - Hands-on Science!
Whizpa Exclusive: 3 Days Camp $2,450 $2,205

Lunar Rover Workshop (LR): Build your own motorized K'Nex Lunar Rover and make craters with marble meteorites! Discover the phases of the moon by constructing a mystery moon phase box. Compete in Moon Race and Astronaut Training in this Fun & Hands-on camp!

The Great Dino Mystery (Dino): As a junior paleontologist using your skills in archaeology, chemistry and biology, you will get hands-on with fossils, amber and mighty meteors. Discover the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of the dinosaurs and the survival of other creatures on our ancient Earth.

RoboCode - Build and code your own Robot!
Whizpa Exclusive: 3 Days Camp $2,950 $2,655

From programming touch sensors to building a pedestrian traffic light to making a multi-functional car that can be transformed into a robotic arm to finally creating a delivery robot - the fun and possibilities are endless!

The Chess Academy - Great Brain Workout!
Whizpa Exclusive: 3 Days Camp $2,450 $2,205

Taught by chess coaches with decades of international chess experience. By playing chess, children will develop good character and improve on their: spatial reasoning, confidence, strategic thinking, memory, attention span, and sportsmanship.

ArtCrafters - Unleash the "Picasso" in You!
Whizpa Exclusive: 3 Days Camp $1,950 $1,755

Come and join our ArtCrafters holiday camp. Not only will your children explore their creativity through makring beautiful art, but they will also learn to cuild and present their creations.

Stormy Chefs - Cook up a Storm
Whizpa Exclusive: 3 Days Camp $1,850 $1,655

Where kids make appetizers, entrees and desserts! Kids enjoy making a mess while learning more about food. After each lesson, they bring home something delicious!

Mission Runway - Be the Next Top Designer!
Whizpa Exclusive: 4/5 Days Camp $3,400 $3,060

Design your Party Costume this Winter break! Come learn about fabrics, textile techniques and design. Keep a fashion journal and start your creative journey.

For more information, please visit Whizpa E-Shop or contact ActiveKids at 3480 4199 or email to