Travel Around the World this Christmas 2020 - Live from 7 Cities

Miss the days when you can travel to foreign countries and celebrate holidays?
MommyDaddyMe online special SprEdventure brings the world to you so you can “visit” 7 international cities – interactive and exciting!

2020 is difficult for us to travel, but we can still be festive this holiday!

MommyDaddyMe’s online program – world cultural journey now opens for Christmas special – take young learners (6-18 year) to visit global cities like New York, Paris, Rome, Edinburgh and Chicago, led by cultural ambassadors live from destinations! Learn about cities’ history, culture, geography, arts and people, become a young traveller without leaving home,  enhance English skills with fun facts. You can attend live sessions or watch the replay at any time – never miss one.  Enroll today and join others in our global classroom!

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Schedule / Cities:
Dec 24, Dec 26 to Dec 31 @8-9pm HKT (7 sessions)
Edinburgh, Paris, Rome, Chicago, Manila, Washington DC, New York (7 cities)

HKD$500 /person (7 sessions, 7 cities) – including live sessions + playback videos

Suitable Age:
6-18 years

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WhatsApp:  6511 5958


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