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Curriculum content and delivery
Variety of classes/activities/schedules offered
Professionalism of staff and teachers
Teacher to student ratio
Hygiene standards
Value of money
Ease of enrolment and payment
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As a long term student at Leading Tutors, I must say the teaching is reliable of high quality.
I'm studying specific books in the English IB sylibus, and my tutor kindly studied each of them to make sure she could help in the best of her capabilities. From my past experience, my tutor would help with essay structuring and grammar, but having had read the books, my current tutor at Leading Tutors goes above and beyond and really helps with developing ideas and arguments to essay topics. This will definitely help when exams roll around!

Services Used

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Learning equipment, materials and technology
Trial classes
Booking and payment system
Security system and personnel
Classrooms/learning areas and facilities
Amenities (bathrooms, stroller parking, baby changing room, nursing rooms, waiting area etc)
Parent-child programs
Parent-teacher discussions/workshops
First aid & fire safety equipment
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