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Curriculum content and delivery
Variety of classes/activities/schedules offered
Professionalism of staff and teachers
Teacher to student ratio
Hygiene standards
Value of money
Ease of enrolment and payment
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Amazing coaches and great lessons structures!
The coaches at Simply Sports are highly professional and manage to build very strong rapports with their students! Their lessons are well-thought out and include fun activities as well as challenging tasks. I have joined and currently still attending both their private and group lessons and they both bring their own advantages: Private lessons: the coaches can custom make a plan for my child which focuses on aspects he needs improving on Group lessons: great chance for students to socialize and mingle under a safe and fun environment.

Services Used

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Classrooms/learning areas and facilities
Learning equipment, materials and technology
Trial classes
Parent-child programs
Amenities (bathrooms, stroller parking, baby changing room, nursing rooms, waiting area etc)
Booking and payment system
Parent-teacher discussions/workshops
Security system and personnel
First aid & fire safety equipment
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I highly recommend parents to try out their free-trial lesson as they always welcome parents and guardians to join in and participate as well!