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Helios Education - Trailblazer and Innovator of UK and US Admissions


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Level of knowledge and guidance provided
Professionalism of consultants/counsellors
Prep and tutorial services provided
Satisfaction of placement results
Value of money
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I entered Cambridge at the age of 15
The idea of studying Mathematics in Cambridge came when I was in form 3 and this is supported by my school maths teacher who is exactly a graduate from Cambridge Mathematics. I am beyond thankful that the real interview was almost the same as Helios' mock interview. Thanks to Helios for guiding me to success. Guess what, I am just 15. M. Lam

Services Used

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Prep and course materials
Counsellor guidance availability
Meeting rooms and centre facilities
Testing venue
Counsellor relationships with schools
Classrooms/learning areas
Tech equipment provided
Parent Workshops
School presentations
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