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One Medical Doctors Group (Quarry Bay)


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Quality of healthcare services
Professionalism of staff, nurses and doctors
Waiting time and ease of appointment booking
Quality of facilities (consultation room, operating theater, bathrooms, pharmacy etc)
Hygiene standards
Value of money
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因為眼睛感到痕癢及乾,所以約見源醫生做檢查。源醫生為我詳細檢查眼睛,我可以在他的顯示屏見到自己的眼底相片,並詳盡地向我解釋視力退化的情況,並提供多種改善視力的治療方法,豐儉由人。源醫生的解説令我更清楚自己的視力問題了,感謝你。 另一方面,我感到眼鏡的度數有點問題,經過一明視光師小姐為我詳細度眼及檢查眼鏡片,便了解到鏡片的結構,並教導我如何正確地使用自己的漸進眼鏡,而她的其他建議我亦感到十分有用,謝謝。 亦感謝一明的姑娘,又友善又有禮貌。一明診所裏人人都很專業啊。 感謝你們😀

Services Used

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Reception/front desk
Nurses station or triage
Appointment/walk-in booking system
Amenities (waiting area, bathrooms, childcare facilities, baby changing room etc)
Medical Equipment
Surgery or operating theater
Emergency and hotline services
Cafeteria, availability of food and beverages
Pharmacy and dispensary
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