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Mighty Oaks Nursery & Kindergarten


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Curriculum content and delivery
School facilities (field, gym, auditorium, playground, lab etc)
Professionalism of staff and teachers
Teacher to student ratio
Hygiene standards
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I am deeply impressed by the staff including principal, teachers and school workers. They are all very kindhearted to kids and parents. A friendly, warm and lovely learning environment
My son attended the playgroup since 1 years old and then continued to study PN class. He likes the school and teachers so much and I can see his class teachers ms Ammie, ms Lo and ms Yu are very kind-hearted in teaching my son not only on academic stuff but also on discipline and manners. I appreciate the teaching direction of mighty oaks in developing the values and positive beliefs of the kids while also balancing the academic parts such as vocabularies, numbers, motors skills and language abilities. I can observe my son’s positive change in becoming more disciplined, outspoken, polite and empathetic. A big thank to the teachers, principal and school workers

Services Used

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Facilities (e.g. sports ground, auditorium, cafeteria, labs etc.)
Classroom equipment
School Bus
After school activities
Parent Teacher Association
School cafeteria food and beverage
School counselling service for students
Social space for students
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