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Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS)


4 of 5 stars
Quality of healthcare services
Professionalism of staff, nurses and doctors
Waiting time and ease of appointment booking
Quality of facilities (consultation room, operating theater, bathrooms, pharmacy etc)
Hygiene standards
Value of money
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Helpful and truthful consultants!
My kid always had problem with sitting still and through AGS Health and Wellness Genetics Test, we found that he has difficulty with absorbing B6 vitamin. Through dietary change, he can now sit still and get his homework done! We would highly recommend AGS!

Services Used

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Reception/front desk
Amenities (waiting area, bathrooms, childcare facilities, baby changing room etc)
Medical Equipment
Nurses station or triage
Appointment/walk-in booking system
Surgery or operating theater
Emergency and hotline services
Cafeteria, availability of food and beverages
Pharmacy and dispensary
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