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Great place and great people to be found in the USRC Playgroup
Do not get intimidated that it is a playgroup so every session there will be a teacher asking your kids to do certain tasks, follow certain rules and pay a lump sum to secure a spot for the whole season etc etc. No. That's not how it works here. It is literally a playgroup, that is for the kids to play! To be honest do all the other playgroups are really for the kids to play - free play - for two hours, to be exact, an hour and fourth minutes approximately, as we'll tidy up the toys altogether and do a circle time to sing some songs together by the end of session. USRC Playgroup opens every Tuesday and Friday, unless they have special announcements via their Facebook page. You DO NOT have to be a USRC member to join the playgroup. For first timer, simply go straight to the reception desk, tell the staff there that you are joining the Playgroup, pay the amount, fill out the form, then take the receipt to the Garden Room, where the Playgroup holds, then the person in charge would be there explaining to you the details. Then your kids are free to run around to explore the place - swings, slides, climbing frames, carts, kitchen sets, animals, dolls, trains, balls, books... and the list is not yet done here. They'd also have parties for different festivals and it's pretty casual whether you are dressing up your kids or not, and parents would be asked to bring a plate of children-friendly food for sharing. Apart from the food sharing time, it's the same like usual - kids playing freely. There is an area where parents could enjoy some biscuits, coffee and tea over a chat among each other while the kids play by themselves. What's very convenient is that USRC provides free parking as well. A very good place to spend a morning at.

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