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Mulberry House Mandarin Immersion Education (One Island South)


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Curriculum content and delivery
Variety of classes/activities/schedules offered
Professionalism of staff and teachers
Teacher to student ratio
Hygiene standards
Value of money
Ease of enrolment and payment
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Energetic and enthusiastic teacher!
I took my toddler to a free trial class at Mulberry House, One Island South. The teacher was very enthusiastic dancing, singing and trying to engage with my child. She is a native speaker and loves working with children. The center is very clean, new and beautifully decorated. A class includes singing with music instruments for kids like shakers and hand bells, then storytelling time, snack time and then some simple exercises for young kids. My son didn't say much as we are not native speakers but he was smiling and laughing when the teacher told a story. He also likes the exercise of crawling through an obstacle and climbing on to a slide. Good bonding time for mother and child as saturday morning class are great for us.

Services Used

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Classrooms/learning areas and facilities
Learning equipment, materials and technology
Trial classes
Booking and payment system
Parent-child programs
Amenities (bathrooms, stroller parking, baby changing room, nursing rooms, waiting area etc)
Parent-teacher discussions/workshops
Security system and personnel
First aid & fire safety equipment
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Spacious corridor outside the center so lots of stroller parking space.