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Pao Yue Kong Swimming Pool is a lifetime experience for young kids since they can safely go from one water game to another while relieving from the hot whether at summer.
Pao Yue Kong Swimming Pool is absolutely great for kids or all age groups to play in and with water. There are two children dedicated swimming pools both equipped with various water games going from tiny water jets to quite fast-going water slide. This swimming pool clearly contributed to get my two 18 months children getting familiarized with water. I have observed them being quite audacious in their explorations and soon realizing the many body-moving possibilities you can play with in water. Every times we went there were truly lovely family times where both our daughters and us – as parents – enjoyed the place. There is some bench structures where children can rest in the shade but be aware that food is not allowed; which is quite a shame to me since children often need snacks when they exert themselves that much in water. To me this is the only negative point. The place is very safe with a lifeguard watching out at children and being very reactive if needed. The changing room and bathroom facilities are clean and spacious which helps with young children’s equipment such as stroller, baby carriers, nursery bags and so on. Strollers can be parked inside the changing rooms, which is very convenient. The area of Wong Chuk Hang – where the swimming pool is located – is developing a lot and many nice restaurants and cafes are opening. Combining a halt in one of these places together with the swimming pool time makes a nice half-day trip out of home!

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