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The Woodland Sai Kung Pre-School


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Curriculum content and delivery
School facilities (field, gym, auditorium, playground, lab etc)
Professionalism of staff and teachers
Teacher to student ratio
Hygiene standards
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"We are incredibly grateful to you and all your teachers." - Anna Mowbray
I just wanted to say how impressed we are by Woodland Sai Kung, the care you are giving to Maile and our family really goes far. We are incredibly grateful to you and all your teachers. You have an amazing team, one you can be incredibly proud of as you have built a fantastic culture!

Services Used

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Facilities (e.g. sports ground, auditorium, cafeteria, labs etc.)
School counselling service for students
Social space for students
School Bus
Classroom equipment
After school activities
Parent Teacher Association
School cafeteria food and beverage
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