Protect Your Eyes and Prevent Nearsightedness

By One Medical Doctors Group

Covid-19 has essentially changed the way we and our children behave. While staying at home keeps us safe from the virus, it is harming our overall health in many ways. Our eyes are at risk. Giving up outdoor activity, self-quarantining at home, children learning online, spending hours and hours on the screen (computer, phone and laptops) in addition to their usual leisure-time computer games, there is more eye strain than ever, resulting in a higher chance of myopia or near-sightedness.

Myopia is caused by an elongation of the eyeball. It is mainly due to a tightening of the ciliary muscle inside the eye caused by near activity. TOP 3 tips to reduce this muscle contraction:

  1. Good habits such as correct posture, keeping a healthy distance with digital products
  2. Looking far to reduce strain, reducing digital time and
  3. Low dose ATROPINE eyedrops

can all help to relax the muscle. Atropine is an evidence-based, non-invasive option to reduce myopia progression. Eyedrops are instilled once at night before sleep; through ciliary muscle relaxation, elongation of the eyeball is reduced resulting in slowing down or halting of myopia. A preservative-free option is available too, and with regular eye checks this can help protect our children's window to the soul.