New Math Learning Centre from Silicon Valley comes to Hong Kong

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All children are born with a fascination for Math - it is everywhere around us! From the hexagons bees make to build their honeycombs, to how nature consistently makes patterns in snowflakes and leaves, Math helps us better understand the world we live in.

However, children’s perception and excitement of Math are altered and dwindled at school where they are given hundreds of equations and rules to remember, with a lack of real-world connection and proper understanding of concepts - ultimately making children fear math.

Growing IQ supports 2-12 year olds in building solid mathematical foundations with creative, hands-on and enquiry-based approaches. They believe in true education and self-paced understanding, as well as helping children develop and foster mathematical and growth mindsets. Challenges and mistakes are seen as learning opportunities, knowledge and skills are seen as ever-growing. Children with both mathematical and growth mindsets are inspired to never give up, learn what they need to or use what they know to solve problems they encounter, be it in Math or any other aspect of life.

Since 2011, Growing IQ has expanded to Hawaii and Texas, and now to Asia’s world city, Hong Kong. Check out their available courses and sign up for a free assessment!


For 2.5-6 Year Olds

A revolutionary program that focuses on child development from a neurological perspective, using a creative and age-appropriate math, music, and motion curriculum. Children will participate in sensory-rich learning experiences that foster growth in all early childhood development targets: physical, social, emotional, and cognitive.

Held once a week 

1 hour per class

5:1 Ratio
Student to Teacher ratio

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For 4-12 Year Olds

A math-centric, enrichment program that allows children to analyze, discover, examine, and take ownership of their mathematical learning through sensory-rich and collaborative learning experiences.

Our approach focuses on inspiring students to problem-solve through thinking critically and outside of the box, while taking ownership of their own learning and growth.

Focus Domains:
Number & Operations, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry, Data Analysis & Probability, Critical Thinking

Held once a week

2 hours per class 

5:1 Ratio
Student to Teacher ratio

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New students are assessed to determine course and level placement to allocate them to the right classes according to their current level of mathematical proficiency, not by age or grade. Growing IQ’s goal is to ensure that each child is placed in a learning environment that will simultaneously nurture and challenge them.

Christmas Math Camps

Discover the world of Santa Claus in Growing IQ’s exciting Christmas Math Adventure for 3 to 10 year olds!

Growing IQ is running exciting 3-day camp series to give children the opportunity to tap into their mathematical skills, critical thinking and creativity as they become Santa’s Little Helpers! Find out which part of Santa's Village your kids would like to help at with their mathematical skills below.

16th-18th December 
21st-23rd December 
28th-30th December

(2 hours per camp class)

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