Movies and TV Shows for Kids to Watch on Netflix

The government confirmed today that schools extends closures. Although classes are suspended, schools have arranged e-learning for students to continue their learning in a different model. But still, kids need to take a break regularly. Movies and TV shows are always the best entertainment to the kids. Here are several recommended kids' movies and TV shows which you can easily assess on Netflix. Sit tight and enjoy the movies!


WonderThe movie talks about a boy with facial difference who attends a traditional school for his first time. Stepping out of his comfort zone makes him facing the bullies and discrimination by schoolmates. Definitely an inspiring story to discuss with your child!

CocoUsing the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead as background, the movie uses a positive way to talk to children about "death" and the importance of family love.

Toy Story 3In the third installment in the Toy Story series, Andy is going to attend college. Woody, Buzz and other toys go on an adventure in a day care center.

CarsCars are every boy's favorite! Although the movie was released more than 10 years ago, these cartoon vehicles are never outdated!

FrozenI'm sure your child must have watched Frozen, and they never get bored of it! With Frozen II released last year, it's time to re-watch it again!

Castle in The Sky

My Neighbor TotoroNew on Netflix - Castle in The Sky and My Neighbor Totoro by Hayao Miyazaki. Both animated movies were released long time ago but remained its high ranking.


TV Shows

Apart from movies, there are also TV shows for kids on Netflix:

Peppa PigThe most famous pig in the children's world – Peppa Pig! The whole series talks about the daily life of Peppa with his family and friends. 5 seasons with a total 46 episodes.

The Boss Baby: Back in Business​A follow-up of the film The Boss Baby, Boss Baby comes to workplace in this TV series. 2 seasons with a total of 26 episodes.