Editor’s Pick : Best Animal Themed Cafés in Hong Kong

It is good to teach children to show a caring heart to animals since their early age.
But in this city, not everyone has the opportunity to keep a dog or a cat at home.
Besides cats and dogs, there are many more species of animals worth human to study and understand more in order to learn about the nature.We don’t have big zoos in Hong Kong, but there are still ways to get close to small animals. Whizpa Team has selected some animal-themed cafes in town.

1. The Cats Tea Room in Tsuen Wan 

(Photo : The Cats Tea Room)

The Cats Tea Room is the largest cat cafe in Hong Kong with 31 cats inside.
They are committed to helping stray cats, 8 cats here are former stray cats.
They also donate part of earning to animal shelters which helps stray cats in Hong Kong.

The Cats Tea Room

Address: Floor 1, 45 Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T, HK
Charge : $65 per person for first hour, 1 drink inclusive ; $38 per hour after
$158 unlimited hours (not available on weekends and holidays)
Business Hour: 1:30pm-11pm(Mon - Fri) ;  11:30am-11pm (Sat, Sun & Public holidays)


2. Rabbitland Café in Causeway Bay

(Photo : Rabbitland Café)

Rabbitland Café is the first rabbit / bunny café in Hong Kong .
For bunny lovers, it is sure they could spend their day here busy taking pictures with every bunnies.
Call for reservation before arrival.

Rabbitland Café
Address :  3/F 530 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay.
Opening Hours: 13:00 - 21:30


3. Mame & Shiba Cafe in Causeway Bay

(Photo : Mame & Shiba Cafe)

Mame & Shiba CAfe is home to 9 shiba and mame dog (a niche breed of shiba)  from Japan. It is located in Causeway Bay.
Unlike ordinary cafes, this café only services cup noodles and box drinks.
Their founder's aim is to provide a place for shiba lovers to learn more about this breed through interacting more with them. 
You can play with the dogs and take lots of picutres with them.

Mame & Shiba Cafe

Address :Rm J, 3/F, Po Foo Building,1-5 Foo Ming St, Causeway Bay
Charge : Prices starts at $78 per 30 mins.
Opening hours : 12:00 – 21:00
Book in advance by whatsapp : 5931 8931


4.KURI Cafe in Kowloon Bay

(Photo : Kuri Cafe)

Apart from cat and dogs themed café, “other”animal themed cafés are trending in especially Southeast Asia in recent years. Hedgehog cafes are quite popular. The first hedge-themed Café in Hong Kong is now in Kowloon Bay. 
Kuri Cafe is home to 11 hegdgehogs. Apart from enjoying food, the café will also host a lecture when the expert would explain the ecology of the hedgehog and how to feed them etc. Fun and educationl!

Kuri Cafe

Address: Kuri Cafe, Shop T104A, G/F, TBG Mall, 3 Ngau Tau Kok Road, Kowloon Bay
Opening hours : 12:00 – 22:30