Christmas Activities Galore! Workshops for the Holidays

With the festive atmosphere building up in Hong Kong, as well as the holidays coming up, many children are eagerly looking forward to the Christmas and New Year holiday season. If you haven’t made any plans for the winter holiday period, you may want to sign your children up for some fun and festive classes where they can also learn something new! The Whizpa team has compiled a few different types of Christmas-themed workshops and classes for parents to consider.

In addition to being able to experience the joys of the festive season in an interactive way, kids can take part in short-term holiday workshops to get exposure to different activities, find out where their interests and strengths lie, and develop their own unique talents. Due to the limited time available for holiday workshops, the sessions are generally very specific and enriching. This allows kids to experience the benefits of the activities in a short period of time, and also effectively lets parents evaluate whether the activities are suitable for their child.


Christmas Art Classes

(Source: Anastassia's Art House)

Christmas decorations are filling up every corner of Hong Kong, and many families will also be putting up Christmas trees in their homes, adorning them with beautiful decorations. This Christmas, why not encourage your children to make their own Christmas decorations? Not only can arts and crafts classes help develop kids’ eye-hand coordination, but when they see their own creations used as Christmas decorations at home, they will definitely feel very happy.


Christmas Technology Classes

Technology is everywhere, and its widespread use has prompted many children’s science and technology class providers to launch Christmas-themed workshops. Whether they are creating a Christmas-themed game for mobile phones, 3D-printed Christmas decorations, or even robots made to look like snowmen, Christmas technology workshops provide an excellent opportunity for kids to be exposed to science and technology in a joyful atmosphere.


Christmas Singing Classes

Christmas singing performance. (Source: Aspire Music)

Music is an important element in creating a holiday atmosphere. Music has transformative power, and many parents will probably find that even relatively shy children can easily participate in singing classes. The transformative power of music can easily allow kids to enjoy the holiday celebrations. Besides experiencing the joys of the holiday season, music classes can also help develop children’s music sense. This may even subsequently cultivate an interest in learning a musical instrument.


Christmas Theatre Classes

Preparing for movement and expression exercises. (Source: Faust International Youth Theatre​)

Letting your child play a role in a Christmas production is a good way to immerse them fully in the festive atmosphere! Drama classes allow children to take on different roles. Before performing, they must carefully analyze the personality and emotions of their character, and use their body movements and expressions to express those characteristics. Also, a theatre production involves many different roles, so it is a community-focused activity that can train kids to work with others.


Christmas Cooking Classes

(Source: Kids' Cooking Hub​)

In and of itself, learning to make good food is very beneficial to children; they can learn how to use different cooking tools, practice working with their hands, and also learn how to take care of themselves. Since Christmas-themed food looks beautiful, after the kids learn how to make it, they can make an impressive contribution to Christmas parties! Parents who have always prepared Christmas party food for your children – why not start preparing Christmas treats together with your kids this Christmas?


After your children participate in Christmas workshops, you may wish to share your views on to help different learning centres continuously improve. That way, everyone can enjoy even better activities!