MommyDaddyMe - Around the World Live Learning Series (Sept-Nov 2020)

Missing the days when we can travel to different countries - see and learn? Following the exciting summer debut, SprEdventure - Around the World Live Learning Series is now available at all seasons.

This time, MommyDaddyMe’s SprEdventure program enables you to travel around the world - with 20 live sessions broadcasting by cultural ambassadors from 18 major international cities, including New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Milan, Beijing, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Cancun and Tokyo. You will be learning the history, culture, languages, food, arts, everything about the cities. See the world, learn from experts and travel globally without even leaving home!  Personalize the journey with fun activities to claim awards and badges.

Even better, you will be in the live sessions with other children around the world.

MommyDaddyMe - SprEdventure Around the World Live Learning
Offer Period: Sep to Nov, 2020 

Time: Sat @8:00pm  Sun @ 8:30am (HK)
(6-city sessions in Sep/Oct/Nov each month + 2 VIP classes)

Fees: US$60 / any 6-cities;   
US$160 / any 12-cities + 2 VIP Classes

(VIP classes with leading specialists on English writing/ Public speaking)

Enroll now and stand a chance to win a free trip to any of the cities!

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