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Norton House is a leading premium education centre in Hong Kong, specialising in academic and intellectual development. Tailored programmes, guidance, and practical support are provided for talented students aged 3 to 18, aiming to apply to top schools and universities throughout the UK and Hong Kong. We make your academic goals achievable through subject-specific tutorials for GCSE, IB, DSE, and A-level syllabi, interview training, aptitude test tutorials, personal statement construction, and more.


Norton House provides:
1. Comprehensive Admission Coaching & Advisory Scheme (Prestigious University Admissions, e.g. Oxbridge, UCL, Imperial...)
2. Specific Intensive Training Scheme (Admission Test Training, Personal Statement Training, Intensive Interview Training and CV Construction Training)
3. Boarding School Applications (For 12-18 YO: Application Strategy, Advise on Guardianship Arrangements...)


Tel: 2972 2698
WhatsApp: +852 9077 2490