10% Off on Interview Preparation Course for K3

Parents are often surprised by what children are asked to do and say during their school interviews. ITS Education Asia has been offering tailored-made courses for over 10 years and offer top class tuition to kids prior to their interviews.  We are well-versed on what teachers expect and what children are expected to know.

It’s hard for parents to know exactly what goes on in these interviews, but most interviews are similar to a mini class with 6-8 children engaging in group activities conducted by 1-2 teachers. We conduct our preparation courses in a similar format.

  • The most important aspect of an interview is the child’s ability to understand and follow simple instructions. Our  courses encourage children to develop confidence, fluency and better speaking and communication skills through engagement in stories, pictures and theme-based learning.


Interview Preparation for K3 / Reception entry

Dates: Feb 3rd, 10th, 2018
             Mar 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 2018

Day: Saturdays

Time: 10-11am

Whizpa Exclusive Fee: HK$1,950 HK$1,755

For details, please call 2116 3916 or email to es@itseducation.asia