【Exclusive 10% Off】AA99® AntiViral AntiBacterial Reusable Face Mask

Get ready for school! AA99® AntiViral AntiBacterial Reusable Face Mask for kids has launched!

AA99® is a new product line by MindBeauty Hong Kong, specifically caters to the growing need for antiviral and antibacterial personal and home use products. The AA99® reusable antiviral antibacterial face mask is washable minimum 70 times using warm water and a light detergent. Two sizes available: Kid-fit (12.5cm x 10.5cm) & Child-fit (14cm x 13cm).

✔️Made in Hong Kong
✔️Certified in both Japan and Hong Kong
✔️Anti-Viral & Anti-bacterial 99%
✔️Non-irritant & non-mutagenic
✔️Multi Color option

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