Color Tsang[用家]的評論

Hong Kong Language Learning Centre


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Curriculum content and delivery
Variety of classes/activities/schedules offered
Professionalism of staff and teachers
Teacher to student ratio
Hygiene standards
Value of money
Ease of enrolment and payment
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Gd location, experienced Tutor


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Classrooms/learning areas and facilities
Trial classes
Learning equipment, materials and technology
Amenities (bathrooms, stroller parking, baby changing room, nursing rooms, waiting area etc)
Booking and payment system
Parent-child programs
Parent-teacher discussions/workshops
Security system and personnel
First aid & fire safety equipment
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剛从北京來港, 想找一間像样的广东话, 朋友介绍这家,确实不错,老师们都有经验,我家闺女很喜欢