CNY Camps to Welcome the New Year!

We are about to bid adieu to another great year, and are awaiting with bated breath the advent of the Year of the Pig. What better way to welcome the new year than with some fun and frolic?

So you must be busy cleaning your houses, getting enough red packets ready, and preparing those kumquat trees. How about if we help you add some enjoyable and invigorating activities for your kids into this mix, as an icing on the cake! We have handpicked some uniquely tailored camps to suit various age groups.

Most activities are spread across Feb 2nd to Feb 14th - an ideal time to keep the kids busy, happy, and engaged. Let’s take a peek into what is on offer over the upcoming holidays. Time to let their creativity roll!


The Genius Workshop

Founded in 2004, The Genius Workshop has helped a lot of children and teenagers in Hong Kong and China to attain valuable Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) knowledge through fun and enjoyable ways of teaching. Here is a glimpse of their offering this CNY:

The Flower Market 1 Day CNY Camp + 2 Hours STEM Workshop (Kowloon/Hong Kong)

Let your children get some conceptual training through this fun workshop. Kids will get to build their own miniature LEGO® CNY Flower Market with their friends. Right from conception of booth design to the choice of decorative items, it will be totally your child’s input. This is a sure shot way to stimulate their creative and cognitive skills. On top of that, you get to choose an additional 2 hour workshop (the choice includes mechanics, engineering, robotics, or game development workshops)

Age : 4.5-7 years


Engineering Workshop 4 Days (Kowloon / Hong Kong)

This workshop is a perfect one to help your child learn more about designing and creating new things. It will help them improve concentration and practice problem solving; they can even learn how to do 2D-3D conversion. Kids will be wowed by witnessing some cool in-depth engineering concepts in machines.

Age: 5-14 years


BSD Education

BSD Education partners with various schools to make it easy to integrate technology curriculum - including coding - into all subjects, without the need to hire skilled professionals. A snippet of one of their many offerings is highlighted below:

3D Printing Camp 3 Days (Sheung Wan)

In times to come, 3D printing has the potential to emerge as a key technology area. The earlier the kids start, the easier it will be to develop skillsets to use the software and machines required for undertaking 3D printing. As part of this workshop, students will be free to model any objects they would like to print, such as key chains, toys, action figures, iPhone stands, and more - the sky is the limit! Super exciting, isn’t it?

Age: 8-13 years


Koding Kingdom

Since its inception in 2013, Koding Kingdom has been teaching students the fundamentals of computer coding in a fun and interactive environment. It is their goal to help all students, regardless of their proficiency in programming, to understand how to communicate with computers and how to express themselves with computers in a creative way.

Computer Science for Kids - Cubetto 1.0 - 3 Days (Hong Kong/Kowloon/New Territories)

This course contains two parts geared towards enhancing students’ computational thinking skills. Children will learn how to 1) decompose a problem i.e. break down a complex problem into smaller and more manageable parts, and 2) recognise patterns i.e. be able to identify similarities within and among problems through fun activities with Cubetto. (Cubetto is the friendly wooden robot that will teach your child the basics of computer programming through adventure and hands-on play).

Age : 4-6 years

Kid’s Gallery

Founded in 1996, Kids’ Gallery offers a broad range of courses designed to introduce the creative arts to children. The emphasis is on encouraging kids to have fun, explore new experiences, and enjoy different creative activities. They now have 3 centres in Causeway Bay, Central, and Kowloon Tong.

Spectacular Spider Man - 1 Day (Kowloon/ Hong Kong)

Your kids will get a flavour of art and drama through this invigorating and fun workshop where they can join Spiderman’s adventure to protect the world through a role play (using voice training and body language). Additionally, they get to create their very own Spiderman candy container.

Age: 3-6 years

The Muppet Show - Miss Piggy and Friends 1 Day (Kowloon/Hong Kong)

How would your child like to be part of Miss Piggy’s journey to stardom along with other muppet friends? Kids will be able to create their very own Miss Piggy puppet and on top of that there will be oodles of acting, singing, and a peek into the glamorous world of a movie star!

Age: 3-6 years

The Incredibles: Family Matters 2 Days (Kowloon/ Hong Kong)

This one is for your adventurous munchkins. If they have been a fan of action movies, they will love this. Kids will be taught to make their very own catapult shooting game to defend themselves from villains! They will also learn more secrets as to how the Incredibles conquer evil forces while keeping their house in order.

Age: 4-8 years



Since 2004, ActiveKids has been specialising in delivering top-quality educational programs for kids. Do not miss out on their unique CNY workshops in Kennedy Town. Some of their well-known programs are as follows:

Stormy Chefs CNY Camp - 1/2/3 Days (Kennedy Town)

A peerfect workshop to get a taste of some delicious delicacies and also let your children become acquainted with the culinary arts. Your kids will be making appetisers, entrees and desserts! For once, you don’t have to worry about your kitchen being a mess while they are experimenting putting together a dish.

Some of the cool recipes they will be taught include:

  • Fire Cracker Spring Rolls

  • Lucky Steamed Sponge Cake

  • Fat Choi Dumplings and lots more…

Age: 3-12 years

Artcrafters CNY Camp - 1/3 Days (Kennedy Town)

Unleash the "Picasso" in You! Boost your child’s self-confidence by enrolling them in this workshop. Your children will get to work with different textures and materials which will help them explore their creative potential. Plus, they will be encouraged to independently build and present their creation as well.

Age: 3-12 Years

The Chess Academy CNY Camp - 1/3 Days (Kennedy Town)

Your kids will be taught by chess coaches with decades of international chess experience. By enrolling them in this camp, you will gift your child with the ability to develop good character and improve their spatial reasoning, strategic thinking, attention span, confidence, memory and sportsmanship.

Ages: 4-17 years

Science Adventures CNY Camp 3 Days (Kennedy Town)

In Gizmo's Robot Factory, your child can play an active role in the world of science and technology. Let your kids join this workshop to get hands-on experience with many exciting aspects of science - from biomechanics and hydraulics to magnetism and chemistry!

Age: 5-12 Years

Robocode CNY Camp 3 Days (Kennedy Town)

Build and code your own robot! This is one workshop your kids will talk about for a long time. From programming touch sensors to building a pedestrian traffic light to making a multi-functional car that can be transformed into a robotic arm to finally creating a delivery robot - the fun and possibilities in this camp are endless!

Age: 7-12 years

RoboCode CNY Camp 3 Days (7-12 years, Kennedy Town) - Whizpa


Da Di Mandarin

Da Di Mandarin offers Mandarin lessons in a fun and easy to learn manner. They have several camps that offer Mandarin lessons through art, dancing, cooking and handicrafts. Here’s a look at their handicraft class:

Mandarin + Handicraft CNY Camp

This is a fun CNY handicraft class that combines creativity and language learning. Through the process of doing origami, paper cutting or clay works, children will be taught Mandarin in a fun way.

Age: 3-8 years

Mandarin+Handicraft CNY Camp (3-8 years, Hong Kong) - Whizpa

If this list has piqued your interest, you can find out about even more classes at

We can’t wait for the holidays and festivities to begin! Would love to hear about which camps caught your fancy as well as your feedback about them.