Playright Children's Play Association (Tai Po)


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Variety of volunteer work for children
Accreditation of volunteer work by schools
Flexibility of volunteer work schedules
Availability of adult supervision or mentoring
Transparency of charity work to public
Convenience of volunteer site locations
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A great place for your little one to play!
Me and my son absolutely LOVE this place!! He always ask me when he can go and play again. There are many activities for the little ones to play and create and for imaginary play, which are exactly what they need! There are a few "tree house" where you can climb up and play, one of the "tree house" is linked to a tunnel and then to a big net which is great for practising gross motor skill. There is a light table for some quiet light sensory play. My son loves the construction site where he would put on the helmet and vest and build the house with the soft pretend bricks. There are various pretend play areas which are handmade with cardboard and/or other recycled materials. The spacious messy painting area is also one of our favourites too. There are several walls where the kids can paint freely with the paint provided. For younger toddlers (under 2 years old) there is an area for them with activities suitable for them so they can play safely there. The whole play area and the toilets are very clean. The staffs are extremely helpful and polite. They are always around to help out or play with the kids and show them how to play. There is also a toy rental service which is a great idea if you live nearby. We look forward to our next visit.


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Student volunteer activities
Training for volunteers
Support services for volunteers/transportation
Student-led charity/community service projects
Fund raising events
International volunteer programs
Child and parent volunteer programs
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Remember to wear socks. Drinks are only allowed at the locker area. It is quite near to the MTR station, around 10 mins walk.

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