Summer Camp | Holiday Camp

Wondering which summer camp is the most suitable one for your children? Whizpa has got your back! Our databaseconsists of listings from Hong Kong and around the world with both sports and academic related activities that students can participate in during the holidays. You could easily check out the details of summer camp, information of organizations holding them, reviews of past participants etc below.

When is the most popular summer camp held?

Usually, the summer camps are held in July and August. Parents consider the summer holiday as a great chance to let their kids get exposed to more experience in the summer camp.

Why summer camp?

Summer camps in the months of July and August are most popular followed by Easter camps in the months of March and April. Parents want to keep their children busy and learn new things when they are not in school. A lot of learning centres in Hong Kong also run camps during the school holidays to offer different interest classes and attract new students to their centres.