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I was not an easy client:) I had panic disorder for over 15 years when I came to Oxana.
All words are not enough to express how happy I am to meet Oxana! I was rather desperate when I came to her, was tired of having Panic attacks for many years. From the first session (which was more like a friendly meeting:) I felt already better:) It might sound fake but it was so, maybe because I had read number of books about PA or maybe because I was ready to follow her advices immediately. One thing for sure: Oxana knew my feelings and I felt that she understood perfectly what was happening to me. After 6-7 sessions my attitude to PA has changed completely: I am not afraid of them any more. With this attitude they almost disappeared after few months. I didn’t have any of them for 6 months +, and now they are very light and seldom (once in 3 months maybe). I have moved to another country and tried different specialists but it worked only with Oxana for me:) I am happy I have Oxana’s number and can contact her anytime , i have definitely found my personal psychologist!

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