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Variety and brand of products offered
Quality of products offered
Professionalism of staff and after sales service
Refund and exchange policy
Value of money
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Best Cakes
We always order the gluten-free cupcakes for school events. The kids love them. We serve Bitelicious cakes with champagne as desserts and it has always been a hit. Why I prefer them? They use the best ingredients. I'm a fussy Mum who doesn't want the kids to have commercial cakes. Bitelicious also customizes to my daughter's requirements who is both gluten and lactose sensitive.

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After sales customer service (delivery)
VIP membership benefits
Amenities (baby changing rooms/nursing rooms, stroller parking etc)
Customer service desk/hotline
Refund and Exchange Policy
Promotional information materials
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Try them- you'll never go back to the regular stuff.