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Level of knowledge and guidance provided
Professionalism of consultants/counsellors
Prep and tutorial services provided
Satisfaction of placement results
Value of money
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I am glad we had the support and assistance from Apply Ivy. Based on my son’s strengths and curriculum requirements, they were able to select schools that most suited him.
I knew my son would like to attend boarding school in the US but I had no idea how to go about finding the right school for him. We particularly found the interview preparation useful as Apply Ivy prepared my son in depth. My son was able to speak to School Admission Directors confidently; he received high praises from a few schools. The tremendous effort surely paid off, as my son was accepted to the school on top of his list and he is looking forward to the boarding school adventure in the US.

Services Used

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Meeting rooms and centre facilities
Prep and course materials
Counsellor guidance availability
Testing venue
Counsellor relationships with schools
Classrooms/learning areas
Tech equipment provided
Parent Workshops
School presentations
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