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Level of knowledge and guidance provided
Professionalism of consultants/counsellors
Prep and tutorial services provided
Satisfaction of placement results
Value of money
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I definitely believe that working with Apply Ivy helped alleviate my stress during the application process.
Apply Ivy helped me incredibly by creating a clear schedule and giving me deadlines so I would be thoroughly prepared. I strongly believe that their enthusiasm, patience, knowledge and dedication to help (such as getting back to me as soon as possible or helping me with my essays even late at night) have helped my application show the best side of me, and I was accepted to my first choice university: Rice. I would strongly recommend anyone who is applying to the US to work with Apply Ivy!

Services Used

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Meeting rooms and centre facilities
Prep and course materials
Counsellor guidance availability
Testing venue
Counsellor relationships with schools
Classrooms/learning areas
Tech equipment provided
Parent Workshops
School presentations
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