Three Educational Exhibitions in Local Museums worth visiting in August

A History of the World in 100 Objects from the British Museum

The exhibition originated from a popular radio programme of the BBC with the British Museum, telling the story of human civilisation using 100 objects selected from the encyclopedic collections of the British Museum. Unlike traditional narratives that focus on selected periods or cultural zones, this exhibition reviews the common stories of human development in a new perspective. Tracing human activity from 2 million years ago to the present, the stories behind the objects reveal how mankind in various areas and cultures shared similar aspirations and development in aspects of power, belief, art, trading and technology. Through this broadened vision, visitors may gain new inspiration about the world we live.

Exhibits are selected from various geographical areas, showing man-made objects, not only exquisite art pieces, but a larger proportion being daily utensils and implements, currency, scientific instruments and ritual items that have been used. Highlights include the first human stone tool from Africa, the evidence of first city from Iraq's The Standard of Ur, Fifty Manillas involved in the slave trade, Ship's Chronometer from HMS Beagle of Darwin's world voyage, Japanese artist Hokusai's famous woodblock print Under the Wave off Kanagawa from the series "36 Views of Mt Fuji", and the issue of LGBT rights conveyed in the work of David Hockney, a famous contemporary artist. Each object tells a story that invites you to travel in time and to a curious corner of the world.

Date: Until  9 September 2019
Time: Mon - Fri 10am ‑ 6pm;Weekends 10am ‑ 7pm
Venue: Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Admission Fee: Standard $10

Dr. Jane Goodall is a noted humanitarian, environmentalist, and has spent many years observing the behaviour of chimpanzees in their native habitat. In the past few decades, Jane has been increasingly concerned about the damage to the environment and since then she has devoted her time to campaigning and acting as an advocate for environmental charities and concerns. She has an exhaustive travelling schedule and speaks on average 300 days a year, encouraging people to do what they can to create a better world. This exhibition is the first ever holistic presentation of the early scientific discoveries of Dr. Jane Goodall, and it showcase her dedicated contribution in environmental conservation and youth empowerment through various interactives. With Dr. Goodall’s story, we wish to empower Hong Kong youth to take constructive actions in protecting the wildlife and our environment and also live a sustainable lifestyle.

Date: Until  2 October 2019
Time: Mon - Fri 10am ‑ 7pm;Weekends 10am ‑ 9pm
Venue: G/F Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong Science Museum
Admission Fee: No extra fee is required for museum visitors of Permanent Exhibition




Looking back at history shows us that Hong Kong’s urban development has been inevitably linked to reclamation. Jao Tsung-I Academy is a historical monument adjoining Lai Chi Kok and Mei Foo New Estate and has witnessed the evolution of reclamation and development in this area since 1888. The theme of the New Year’s exhibition is “Hong Kong over the Past Hundred Years – Levelled Hills and Reclaimed Land”. Through valuable photographs, maps, charts, and texts, we will briefly introduce the development of reclamation in Hong Kong and stories from history.

Date:Until 25 Aug 2019 
Time:10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Venue:Jao Tsung-I Academy Hall 2 & 3, The Gallery (Low Zone)
Admission Fee: Free