Only the Best Phonics Instruction for Your Child

Experienced consultant to local and international schools, literacy specialist Beverly Sace has launched her reading clinic Books and Brains Literacy Services. Just in time before the start of the school year, Beverly is available for intensive individual phonics sessions this August. Weekly sessions are also available.

A free, no-obligation assessment is offered either online or at her Quarry Bay classroom situated in the resort-like Banyan Workspaces. She will assess your child on the skills of:

  • letter and sound recognition, 
  • decoding, 
  • spelling, and 
  • fluency

The assessment is game-based, uses colourful tools, is quick, and will not bore or worry your young one! Should there be gaps identified, Beverly will explain the goals and objectives for your child and draw up a learning plan to get your child ready for the new school year. 

Books and Brains Literacy Services is well-resourced. This means that your child will be using research-backed programmes and world-class resources from the UK. Reading books (decodables) and Edtech support are available for the days between lessons. Feedback after every lesson will be in place so you are always informed of your child’s progress.

Research informs us that children who have reading difficulties beyond the age of 7 rarely respond to intervention. Act now and ensure your child’s academic and life-long success — book your child’s free, no-obligation, important assessment now!

Intensive sessions are available on Tuesdays to Fridays at the following timeslots: 9am, 1015am, 1130am, 130pm, 3pm, 415pm, and 530pm.

Available Saturday sessions are at 3pm, 415pm, 530pm, 645pm.

Beverly is offering a special 25% discount for the month of August. Limited spaces are available, we can only take 20 students per month. 

Contact us now to arrange an assessment!

Contact Details:

Books and Brains Literacy Services

Suite 1204, Banyan Workspaces,
Eastern Harbour Centre,

28 Hoi Chak Road, Quarry Bay

Whatsapp: 98175167




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