Homeopathic Approaches to ADHD and other Attention Issues

By Dr. Sonal Hattangdi-Haridas

'Does my child have ADHD? Do I have to wait for a diagnosis? Why is he/she not reaching his full potential even with the ADHD Medication? If these thoughts have been going through your mind it's time to look at the big picture.

23 years of experience in the field have taught me that each person with attention issues has very individualistic discomforts at the level of body physiology, sensory processing (how the body balances data coming in through the senses) and immunity that leads to a cumulative picture of inability to focus.

To explain, imagine trying to focus on the enlightening Ted talk by Ken Robinson, sitting on a cactus, ants crawling on your skin and an itchy nose. Add to it that you have bad sleep due to itchy eczema, snoring or asthma attacks. This is the reality of many adults and children with attention problems. You can't focus for a reason, it is not a choice, not purely behavioural. Though many behaviours are added on due to continual frustration.

Supporting these areas through homeopathic treatment and evidence-based Nutritional medicine has been a game changer for many. 

In the case of Lieke's son, a very intelligent affectionate child, he had a diagnosis of ADHD with Executive Functioning Skill Issues. He was socially withdrawn from the stress of coping with these challenges. 'As parents it was a difficult decision to not put our son on Ritalin' confessed Lieke, who decided to try the more natural therapies first. After a year she kindly gave me this testimonial, 'We are now more than happy we embarked on homeopathy with the help and guidance of Dr. Sonal. Over the last year, the development and growth of our son has been spectacular! We feel that the treatment really supported our son to embark on this pathway of growth. Step by step he has become more centered. He has rebuilt the social confidence he had lost. Whilst a year ago he really struggled in school, his last school report mainly indicated meeting and even exceeding expectations! 

Similar results are seen in young persons already on medication for ADHD. Appropriate remedies and dietary support ensured optimal thought clarity and reduction in sensory discomfort.  Emotional confidence, a critical part of success, supported by homeopathic remedies such as Nat Mur, Kali Phos have improved motivation and  the life trajectory of many sophomore and senior school youth.

Clinical Research in this field has shown significant results. One study, Frei & Thurneysen (2001) studied hyperactivity and Homeopathy as supportive to Methylphenidate and singularly, found an average of 3.5 months to document clinical reduction in the scoring scales and that it was particularly helpful in younger children. The lack of side effects is an advantage in Homeopathic medication.


So in short, to answer the questions at the beginning: it doesn't matter if your child has a confirmed diagnosis or is already on treatment, if you notice that this young person is struggling to reach his/her full potential academically, physically or emotionally, it is time to look at holistic complementary approaches. Timing is essential, helping them young is changing a life. Being home-bound during COVID times and the prospect of online school for much of 2020 may be further challenging for many restless children. It would be the best time to support them comprehensively.

About the Author

Dr. Sonal Hattangdi-Haridas

  • MSc, Nutritional Medicine (U.K.)
  • BHMS, Homeopathic Medicine (Mum) Registered Homeopath
  • Founder and Director of Maya Health Institute