Editor's Pick : How to spend your Moon Festival?

1. The Tai Hang Fire Dragon 2019

The Tai Hang Fire Dragon has its origin in 1880 . At that time , Tai Hang was only a small Hakka village and the villagers , most of them farmers and fishermen living simple and peaceful life . The tale started when the villagers once killed a serpent in a stormy night , but in the next morning , the dead body of the serpent had disappeared . A few days later , a plague spread out in Tai Hang and many people died of infection . Meanwhile , a village elder was told by Buddha in his dream . Buddha asked the village to perform a Fire Dragon Dance and to burn fire crackers during Mid-Autumn Festival and let the sulphur in the fire crackers drove away the disease. Since then , it has become a yearly ritual for Tai Hang local residents. They would perform the Fire Dragon Dance for three nights in memory of the incident. The Fire Dragon is altogether 220 feet long with its body divided into 32 segments , all of which are stuffed with straw and stuck full of incense sticks , So it is known as the “ Fire-Dragon ” .

Date:  12-14 Septemeber
Time: Around 8:15–10:30pm (12-13 Sept) ; Around 8:15–10pm, 14 Sept
Venue: Tai Hang, Causeway Bay (Best Spot : Wun Sha Street)
Route map & details : :www.taihangfiredragon.hk


2. Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival: Victoria Park

Carnival Night: 13 Sept (Fri) 8pm - 11pm
Youth Night: 12 Sept (Thu) 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage - Exhibition on Traditional Craftsmanship of Lantern Making: 11 - 15 Sept (Wed - Sun)
Venue : Victoria Park


3. Lee Tung Avenue: Moon Rabbit Lumiere & Celebratory Fair

To celebrate Mid-Autumn Fesitval, Lee Tung Avenue hangs up the traditional Chinese colourful lanterns printed with Peony, Lotus and Orchid patterns along the avenue to bring visitors weath and auspicious! What’s more, global rock’n’roll ice cream phenomenon Emack & Bolio's Hong Kong, known for its delicious instagrammable ice cream, has once again created a festive special Moon Rabbit Ice Cream to celebrate the festival in a special way!  Available till 15 September only! 

Date  : 13 Sept
Time :  8:30pm - 9:30pm
Venue : Along Lee Tung Avenue


4. Cyberport Waterfront Park

Located between luxury residences and the sea, Cyberport Waterfront Park is remote and a quite place to spend quality time with family especially on Mid Autumn Night. It’s a dog-friendly park so if you happen to have a dog, bring it with you on this special night!

Opening hours : 7am-11pm
Address : Telegraph Bay, 100 Cyberport Rd, Cyberport, Pok Fu Lam

5. Lion Rock

Lion Rock is famous for its giant rock at the hilltop resembling a crouching lion. It looks over the bustling city. “Beneath the Lion Rock” has always been said “the spirit of the Hong Kong people” so it would be a pity if you haven’t visited the symbol of Hong Kong. It’s a perfect hiking destination. Without building forests, you can see full beautiful view of Kowloon, New Territories and Ma On Shan. This makes a perfect destination to see the full moon.There are a lot of routes to walk to the hill. One of the routes is start walking from Lok Fu station.