eBook#18 - Proven Strategies to Prevent Video Game Addiction In Your Child

As we set screen time restrictions for our kids, do we really understand why they are addicted to video games? How important is it for us to set an example? Other than setting rules for using gadgets, what can we do to prevent our kids from developing a video game addiction? Download the eBook to find out six professionals’ thoughts on this topic.


“Screentime has become the new modern-day family battleground of “Do as I say, not as I do.” Many of us parents did not grow up with screens in the same way as our kids, and ironically we are not fully equipped to teach our kids through this technology age. For that reason, parents look to authoritative time limits and hard rules to control video game use. Policing kid’s devices and game controllers will unfortunately not work in the long term. Try to understand WHY kids are playing games and if it is disrupting their relationships and responsibilities in real life. Help your child shift their habits by mentoring them through the process and getting to know the games they consume. Through this process, you will learn a lot about your child, and you may pick up a few good habits yourself!” – Excerpt from Arcadia Kim (Founder & President of Infinite Screentime)



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