eBook - Five Important Things to Consider When Choosing a School Abroad

"Boys', Girls' or Co-Educational School?

For parents, this is usually the first question that comes to mind when choosing a school for their child.

The advantages of a co-educational school include diversity, promoting socialization and improving

communication skills. While single-sex schools often offer a more relaxed environment and less gender

stereotyping, they can offer a curriculum that is tailored to students’ needs and interests, resulting in stronger

examination performances...” (Excerpts from eBook)


These days, sending children to study abroad seems to be a popular trend. More and more parents consider sending their children overseas to continue their studies, hoping to broaden their vision and wanting them to be more independent. Whether you are considering schools in the US, UK, or Australia, it's important that you do your research well and understand the school application process as it varies in different countries.


In this ebook, we have invited 6 experts to share their opinion on how to choose a school abroad. Click here to download and read further!